Sam Hurd's Cousin, Who May Have Inadvertently Tipped Feds to Former Cowboy's Drug Dealing, Arrested in San Antonio

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Before he played for the Chicago Bears and before he was arrested for dealing cocaine, Sam Hurd spent five years as a Cowboy.
The federal government has already accused Sam Hurd, a Dallas Cowboys receiver until a year ago, of being caught with a kilo of cocaine while trying to buy a lot more in an attempt drug-dealing network. Because a man's got to live, right? How can a guy feed his family on a $5.15 million, three-year deal?

The local U.S. Attorney's Office sends word this afternoon that Hurd's cousin, Jesse Tyrone Chavful, 46, was arrested this week and charged with attempting to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine and 100 kilograms or more of marijuana.

According to court documents, a confidential informant, who had previously delivered large quantities of weed to Chavful, went to his San Antonio business (apparently called T Love Express) in October 2011 at the request of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Chavel showed a photo of Hurd, as well as a Hurd jersey, and stated that Hurd, his cousin, played professional football. Chavful proceeded to negotiate to purchase 10 to 15 kilograms of cocaine, as well as marijuana, on behalf of Hurd, whom he referred to as his "little cousin Sam.

Hey, Jesse. I don't know if you made it clear enough that your cousin, who will be arrested on drug charges in two months, is a semi-famous football player. Anyways, informant met again with Chavful in May

Chavful showed them a bundle of marijuana that he had, noting its poor quality. After negotiations, Chavel concluded by requesting five kilograms of cocaine and 200 pounds of marijuana, explaining that he needed to make about $200,000.

When an informant delivered cocaine and marijuana to T Love Express, police swooped in and arrested Chavful, who made his first appearance in federal court on Thursday. Hurd remains out on bond with a trial set for Aug. 6.

Which just goes to show: You can pick your drug dealing friends, but you can't pick your drug dealing family.

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the Credible Hulk
the Credible Hulk

...well, OK. You're off the hook for now, but we'll be watching you.

The Credible Hulk
The Credible Hulk

Pounds, kilos, Chavful, Chavel. C'mon, Eric, make up my mind.

Chuck G.
Chuck G.

Nobody gives a rat's ass about Sam Turd, or two shits about his cousin.


you worked for Jerry Jones?

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