A Sampling of Texas' Overblown Reactions to Obamacare Ruling

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We've had two years of overblown analogies about the healthcare law. It's time to move on.
At the end of the day yesterday, the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation sent a dispatch from its president, Brook Rawlings, reacting to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

"Make no mistake," Rawlings wrote. "This outcome is a net negative for every Texan -- and every American -- concerned with liberty and prosperity." Never mind that many of the millions of Texans who will have health coverage because of the law presumably also value liberty and prosperity. This is an ongoing battle for freedom.

We are in for the long haul. We understand what the Supreme Court has done. But we are not defeated. You see, we've been here before. We are Texans. We know what it's like to be in the most dire straits. Our forefathers held the line -- and lost -- at Refugio, San Patricio, Agua Dulce, Coleto, and the Alamo.

So, the fight against the health care law equivalent is being compared to an armed insurrection? Others used language that was slightly less martial. Rick Perry called the decision "a stomach punch to the American economy." Comptroller Susan Combs called it an "attack on personal liberty."

Tyler Rep. Louie Gohmert, "visibly angry," at least steered clear of overtly violent imagery on the steps of the Supreme Court.

When in the course of human events it becomes clear that you have people who will not follow the law, it's time to use orderly methods set forth in the Constitution to remove them from their offices, and get people who will abide by their oaths.

Then he called Obama and Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan liars and called for an investigation of the latter.

The overblown rhetoric isn't particularly surprising given the tone of the debate over the past two years, but I was naive enough to expect that the Supreme Court's decision on health care would inspire a brief round of bloviation but ultimately quiet the debate, allow Texas to get around to implementing the insurance exchanges it's been dragging its feet on and deciding whether to implement.

Instead, it looks like there will be an concerted and painfully prolonged effort by Republicans to repeal the law despite the fact that, with the makeup of the Senate what it is, the chances of that happening are nil.

The Affordable Care Act is deeply flawed. It's a messy compromise that completely satisfies no one, it doesn't really solve ballooning healthcare costs, and it's a windfall for insurance companies. But it's not a step toward communism, it's not going to kill the economy, and it's not an assault on personal liberty. So it's time to take a deep breath and move on.

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So has anyone (and I mean anyone, senators, justices, citizens) actually read and fully understood this 2400 page bill? I'm sure like most that has come out of DC in the past decades, there is much we all need to be worried about but won't be aware of until it bites us in the butt.

Moonlight Mile
Moonlight Mile

 Oh, like you NEVER made a typo huh!!!   Yeah, get real.

Mr. Hand
Mr. Hand

I am more concerned about the precedent set.  Forget about the mechanics of it for a second, and think big picture about how this legislation was concocted, passed, and ultimately found constitutional.  The Corn Husker kickback/Louisiana Purchase, the calculations (7 years expense+10 years revenue), the CBO estimate updates, reconciliation, "deemed to have passed", had to have a SCOTUS judge redefine the law just to make it legal, albeit 180 degrees opposite of how it was written (penalty vs. tax).  To know that in 2 short years a government can, against the wishes of the public, pass one of the largest entitlement programs with next to no bi-partisan support that affects 100% of its population. If you like Obamacare great, but when a right wing holds all 3 branches and "deems as passed" a law that says you must.... own a gun, manufactured by a Czar approved maker only or pay a fine, because there are too many "free-riders" using our police force.  It will be constitutional


 wrong...it is called triage....if you WERE a DR, you would have a clue about something you clearly are just ignorant of.


 republicans cannot get anything through the SENATE or the Presidency.  Why didn't the Dems fix EVERYTHING when they had 100 % control when Obama was elected...they had it for TWO FULL YEARS.

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