Larry Brown is SMU's New Basketball Coach

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Larry Brown has agreed to coach SMU's Mustangs, ESPN reports. The 71-year-old coach was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame in 2002 and has coached in college, the NBA and the Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the 2004 games.

He's coached pretty much every NBA team, and even though his last team was the not-very-good Michael Jordan-owned Bobcats, he won a championship in 2004 with the Pistons and even took those Bobcats to the playoffs. In 1988, his last stint coaching college ball, he won the national championship with the Kansas Jayhawks. He's the only coach to win both.

Apparently the only hang-up to the deal is the coach's choice for assistant coach, but it should work itself in time to make an announcement later today. There's nothing else to really say here; the guy can flat out coach, even if he's getting up there in age, and he should put some butts in the seats at SMU. He better, anyway, or Alumni Guy might get to typing.

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 Does this mean Tim Jankovich and Jub will be getting the old band back together? #Moving Violations


Great coach, solid basketball guy all the way ... but I give him 3 years before he retires or moves to greener pastures.  Should be some good times for a while, but beyond that -- shrug --


Larry Brown is a tremendous basketball guy.

That being said, SMU screwed this up. Not as stupid a hire as the last one, but just another example of the decisionmakers just not getting it.

The whole coach chase was pretty amusing to watch, as SMU mentioned coaches as candidates who turned out to not want anything to do with the Hilltop. Buzz Williams leaving Marquette? That was a good laugh. Tommy Amaker? sure. Even a soon-to-retire Majerus was a pipedream.

The SMU front office doesn't seem to understand where their school is in the basketball universe. Somehow they believe it means something, the truth is it means nothing. Even UT Arlington and UNT have better, more competitive programs.

SMU went with a big name who has absolutely zero connection to the texas talent that SMU needs to reach. There is a huge amount of talent in N TX. Just take a look at Baylor, UT and even A&M. If SMU could convince local HS players that they could be seen at SMU and e winners there, they could be a competitive program. Instead they have a coach who everyone knows is short term, and a coach who doesn't have any relationships with the HS coaches and AAU coaches that could get him the players he needs.

Poor ponies. They're going to need to go thru the same exercise in a few years, let's hope they understand by then.


This guy, just gets disinterested in a couple of years. He'll be "retired" by 2014, and like someone mentioned before, they'll be starting over. SMU is paying for a name, but the guy hasn't delivered in quite some time. His recruiting violations got Kansas banned from the NCAA tourney in '89. They're the only national champion that hasn't been allowed to defend their title in basketball due to suspension. Hell, if he can get SMU into the tournament, they might not care if they're banned from the tourney for 5 years.


true,  but the violations werent really Larry's, but that of 3 boosters who were banned from the campus and the player never even went to Ku.  In todays world, those violations are nothing compared to what goes on today.

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