Images from Forney Suggest How Much Worse Tuesday's Storms Might Have Been

Danny Fulgencio
An overturned truck rests outside a house in Forney that was stripped of its door, windows and much of its roof, demonstrating the power of Tuesday's storms.
Dallas photographer Danny Fulgencio rolled out early this morning to capture images from the aftermath of the tornado in Forney.

"I started shooting at around 7 a.m., just after the curfew lifted," he tells Unfair Park. "These shots document the swath of destruction from yesterday's tornado which struck the Diamond Creek subdivision. The damage was extensive. It's a miracle no one was killed.

"There were few people out while I was there ... strangely still, almost calm, even in spite of the constant bleating of home alarms and the helicopter hovering overhead.

"I hope the shots capture the disaster as seen under the dawn's early light."

They do. For more of Fulgencio's images from Forney, check out the Observer's slideshow.

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The B&W really makes the photos.  Just looking at them sent chills up and down my spine.

Excellent photostory!


It's too bad there isn't a color option as opposed to them all being in b/w. Like he said, it is amazing after seeing those that noone was killed.

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