Vote For These Local "Precedents of the Past" And Score Preservation Dallas $10,000

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Speaking of vacant buildings ...

Emily Simon at downtown-based ARCHITEXAS directs our attention to a competition being sponsored by Dwell magazine wherein folks are being asked to vote for their favorite endangered historic structure, after which the winning city's chief preservation org will be handed a check for $10,000. In our case, of course, that would be Preservation Dallas.

Simon says the firm submitted the three Dallas offerings: the old Dallas High School (or Crozier Tech, take your pick), the Knights of Pythias Temple in Deep Ellum (or the Union Bankers building -- again, your call) and some of the historic schools the Dallas ISD voted to shutter last month, chief among them James Bonham, which preservationists fear will wind up like David Crockett (before it was bought, of course) given the district's awful track record of up-keeping old buildings.

The Knights of Pythias Temple, of course, is a Westdale property; thanks, Westdale. But that reminds me: I should call Wynne/Jackson to see if their fingers-crossed plans for Crozier Tech are still in motion. Anyway. The money would be nice, says Simon, but ARCHITEXAS also wanted to "bring more national attention to these important structures."

Vote here, early and often. Only 10 days left.

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Denis Simon
Denis Simon

I vote for James Bonham Elementary - nice building, providing a great quality of education (unfortunately has fallen victim to cost-cutting), in a nice community. In my humble opinion, it really deserves all of our preservation efforts.

denis simon


I'd choose Old Dallas High School (Crozier Tech) , definitely. Knights Of Pythias is only a shell now while the Old Dallas High School building is still relatively intact.


Even worse is that a nearby nonperforming school remains open ...

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