Three Years Later, Billy Reid Brings the Warehouse Sale Back to Deep Ellum. Like, Now.

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Three long years ago the frugally fashionable bid farewell to the Billy Reid corporate offices on Canton, which adiosed to Alabama with one last warehouse-purging sale offering Best-of-Dallas-winning bargains. After that the sale moved to its NorthPark Center shoppe, and things were never the same; and now, of course, the outlet dispensing Reid ware has moved to Highland Park Village. Haven't been in a long while.

But Dave Gates, longtime store director for the Art Institute of Dallas-studying Reid's local location, sent word a few days ago: The 75-percent-and-more-off sale has returned to the old Deep Ellum HQ, last used to house The Good Guys offices, beginning in mere moments -- 9 a.m., which is why there's probably a line outside already. Said the Houston imports brought in to help stock the 3720 Canton Street warehouse with men's and women's goodies, their recent warehouse purging was "madness, sheer madness" -- a month's worth of sales made in just three days, as this runs till Saturday.

Out and about last night I stopped by to watch the setting-up, because, and I may or may not have hidden a pair of boots somewhere for an afternoon stop-by. More photos on the other side, along with the details.

The sale begins this morning at 9 and runs till 7 p.m.; same hours tomorrow. Saturday, it's 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. But by then, you may be too late. And ... go.

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I used to live right across the street from here, and had no idea what the hell it was.  Sounds like I may or may not be missing a damn fine sale due to work.  Then again, I might feel a migraine coming on....


Now that I look at the picture, that's not the place I was thinking of.  I got it confused with the Bill Reed Decorations building across the street (the one with the flagpoles), which I presume is still there.


Paul Morgan bought the old Bill Reed building and extensively upgraded it for photography studios, along with wedding venues w/concierge parking.  He did a great job on that building.  Wilonsky ought to get a walk-thru and do a write-up.  It's a big operation and way cool.  He flies models from all over Europe to do photo shoots.  And the wedding receptions are 1st class deals.  

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