Sure, You're Invited to a 2012 Bond Program Town Hall. Just Don't Expect to Get Much.

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Mary Suhm will not be playing the role of Santa Claus this year.
Last month, you'll no doubt recall, City Manager Mary Suhm told the city council that 2012 bond program, which we'll vote on in the fall, will be a fraction of a shadow of a hint of its mammoth '06 predecessor, which appears to be the gift that keeps on giving. 'Round $450 to $550 million, she said, most of which will go towards streets, flood protection and economic development -- the "absolutely critical stuff."

Which didn't sit well with some council members. Sandy Greyson for one wanted to know: What in the what are we supposed to tell our constituents during the upcoming town halls? Because you know they're gonna have their wants and needs. "Don't create a Christmas list," Suhm told her, "because you can't afford it."

Which is something you need to keep in mind if you're planning on attending one of the 2012 Capital Bond Program town halls the city's got on tap beginning Tuesday, when Vonciel Jones Hill meets her people at the Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center, and running through March 8. The full schedule follows, but, remember, this is only the first go-round:
After City Council briefings are held to discuss input received for the Needs Inventory, a second round of town hall meetings will be held in May to present the City Manager's 2012 Capital Bond Program recommendation. Council will be briefed again in June, after the second round of meetings, and in August will deliberate and call for the Bond Program to be placed on the November ballot.
Ah, the old "needs inventory." Last I looked, $10 billion ... and counting. 2012 Bond Program Town Hall Schedule

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Reminds me of those Progressive Auto Insurance Adds with the Pig screaming Weeeee Weeee Weeee as he is eithier sticking his head out of a moving car, sledding down the hill etc.    That is the city with our money.  Weeeee Weeee Weeeee Tax Dollars!    I am having a hard time with any new bond money that increases our taxes.   The city, like the Progressive Pig, has a long record of squandering and miss-spending tax dollars.   Weeeeee Weeeee Weeeee there is more tax money were that came from!


The city needs to relax and let us address some improvements on our own.  Encourage and work with neighborhood groups to coordinate on some of these improvements.  Give neighborhoods the ability to either contract out some work or pay the city to do others.  Finally, on much of the smaller stuff, online groups might facilitate local programs.  I say this having just dumped/replanted a mess of Iris bulbs at a local park.  Hopefully this Spring the tree line will have some extra color and an enduring enhancement.


until they actually give a specified list and stick to it, I am going to be thinking long and hard about voting for more bonds.  I am through with "Trust Me, I'll send you some pretty pictures, but I will spend this money however, I da#$ well please."


So we're going on Year Twenty-Five of the Big No! on fixing the potholes then?

The bridge is sure pretty, though.

Omar Jimenez
Omar Jimenez

So the point of the meetings? The question is, can we afford it?

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