To Promote New Play About '66 Cowboys and Sportswriters, Mike Shropshire Tells All

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As I've noted a few times, Mike Shropshire's Seasons in Hell, about the "worst team in baseball history" (the '73-'75 Texas Rangers), is my favorite sports book; probably has something to do with being raised on the '73-'75 Texas Rangers. Anyway.

On a very related note, a Friend of Unfair Park sends word: On Thursday Stage West in Fort Worth will debut Dallas playwright Larry Herold's latest, The Sports Page, set during Dallas Cowboys training camp in 1966. As Herold writes, he's been workshopping the piece for two years, and it's about "a young man desperate to be a big-time sportswriter [as he] heads for a showdown with a couple of crusty scribes, an attractive female TV reporter and a player who refuses to speak to the press."

To market the piece, says our Friend, Stage West has cut a series of chitchats with Shropshire as he recounts, among other things, boozin' it up on the sports beat during The Good Ol' Days and how the modern-day scribe's too buttoned-up and not havin' any damned fun. The whole collection follows, including the fifth and latest clip, which contains a very casually dropped bombshell about the first woman ever let into the Rangers' locker room in '75. Shropshire goes on to talk about the subsequent rise of the "talking doll" (as he refers to female sports journalists) and reveals how little has changed amongst some of the old guard.

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Whag an ass.  was this just to rattle some cages and sell more books?  is he married?  poor woman.


Really, Shrop? I was a woman in the sports media business in the mid to late 70s and this makes me want to puke. You think you have stories about women? You old geezers were sloppy young pigs.


Jonestown (aka Jerryworld) not aesthetically pleasing according to Shrop. I tend to agree that the scale detracts from any athletic event taking place. Same can be said concerning basketball at the AAC compared to previous games at Reunion. But hey, I got excited because the latest UIL alignment gives my local high school two away opponents that play on grass fields.

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