Wherein We Answer the Question: Whatever Became of Downtown's Man and Pegasus?

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Spent the latter half of the afternoon tracking down a mystery for a Friend of Unfair Park, who wondered whatever became of Man and Pegasus, Carl Milles's 1949 sculpture -- one of six, actually. For a long while it's been perched at Harwood and Bryan, in front of Bryan Tower, built by Trammell Crow in 1973. But now that the iconic skyscraper is in the hands of Spire Realty Group, the sculpture's been moved -- not for the first time either. Says the Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Sculpture in Texas, Man and Pegasus originally flew in front of the Stemmons Tower International Sculpture Garden on, where else, Stemmons.

It was actually removed a couple of months ago. Says our Friend, a fan of the man and his winged beast: "I figured they took it away to be refurbished, but it has yet to come back, and the spot where it used to sit is now completely re-cemented." No, Friend, it will not return: Crow Holdings says today that it will be moved to the front of the Anatole by no later than March 15.

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Harlan Crow loves taking artwork out of downtown... just like all the sculptures that were around Crow Tower in the Arts District, where they were enjoyed by the public, and now they are all inside his walled-off encampment on Maple.


Seeing that photo of Bryan Tower reminds me that Spire has been quiet about its new development south of the arts district. I've heard that there is a new updated rendering of either 2400 San Jacinto or 2500 Ross. Robert, if you know where those are or can find them, it would be cool to get an update on the project.


He he, you can see his butt!

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