It's Kinda Like If Woody Allen Made a Short Film in Dallas About Time Travel and Nerds

I've long been a fan of the great Jun Kang, who's responsible for some of YouPlusDallas's best offerings. This one is no exception. Justin Ransom, who helped shoot the short you see above, kindly dropped in my inbox this Valentine's Day offering posted this morning: Just In Time For Love (or "Without Love I Am LARPing"), which Kang directed. Sort of a cross between ... oh, I dunno ... Annie Hall and Primer ... kinda? Memorable for all kinds of reasons, among them the glorious use of downtown. And for the line, spoken by Cara Johnston, "I see you speak only in canonical Klingon -- impressive."

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Sin E. Mah
Sin E. Mah

Nice to watch. Woody Allen. Buckaroo Banzai/Confucius Marty McFly. And elements of Dallas as the set dressing. These people have promise. Maybe it's time to re-shoot Bladerunner in Dallas.....

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

No shortage of artificial skin jobs, that's for sure...

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