Dallas PD Asks: Do You Know The Gunman Who's Been Holding Up 7-Elevens This Week?

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The video you see above was taken in the wee small hours of Saturday morning at the 7-Eleven located at 5123 W. Lovers Lane, just off Inwood -- you know, the one next to Neighborhood Services, which, according to Dallas PD records, has been robbed more than 70 times in the past five years. Reason DPD sent it our way this evening: The department believes the man beneath the get-up -- "a white male in his mid-30s," says the best guess, "around 5' 6" to 5' 9" tall and weighing around 160 pounds" -- is responsible for more than one 7-Eleven stick-em-up in recent days, the other having taken place at the oh-thank-heavens at Forest and Skillman one day earlier.

Says DPD, which asks folks to call (214) 671-3638 with more info, "In that offense, the suspect is seen fleeing the location in a dark SUV that may have had a second suspect driving." A Black Ford Explorer, to be accurate. At the Lovers location, says the police report, he got away with $46 in cash money, $549 worth of smokes and eight bucks in lighters. On Forest, also the scene of some 70 robberies since '05, the man got away with $20 worth of rolled-up quarters, says the police report. It also notes: "The suspect ... lifted his shirt showing the butt of a gun and stated, 'I will blow your brains out.'"

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This post is already dated. Just this morning at about 4:30 a.m., this same dude robbed the 7-11 at Hillcrest and Northwest Highway. The gunman got away with $89 worth of Rolaids, seven Monster energy drinks, $10 in rolled-up dimes and two slightly charred taquitos. 


White?The recession is startin to get rough.


Can we bring in just the scalp, or do we have to bring in the whole body?

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