Alliance-AFT Tells Dallas ISD Teachers They Really Ought to Come to Work Tomorrow

Had a couple of readers ask late yesterday: Why no mention of tomorrow's maybe-could-be-probably-not Dallas ISD teacher "sickout," which a single anonymous teacher's calling for? To which I responded: Well, I'm not sure it's going to be much of one, despite lingering resentment over last month's vote to increase workdays by 45 minutes -- and what it says in Schutze's dream journal.

First off: Teachers' group Alliance-AFT has told educators it's really not a good idea, as organized protests are a violation of district policy and state law. "And this is an organized work stoppage," Alliance-AFT President Rena Honea tells Unfair Park this morning, "because it's being called for by an individual."

That individual, who goes by the pseudonym "Joe Jones," insists on his Teachers for Change website that it's anything but. Writes he: "What coordination has taken place? Have you and I sat down and discussed plans? Have you and I come to any personal or collective agreements?"

But Honea disputes that interpretation, which is why she's informed teachers they could get canned if they call in sick tomorrow. Matter of fact, says Honea, she's heard from some teachers who'd planned on taking tomorrow off for various reasons, and she told them they'd best provide some documentation lest district officials think they're participating in the protest. Otherwise, she says, "there's no way they can prove they're not a part of this if they take a personal day."

Honea also echoes a sentiment I've heard from other teachers, and not just those at my son's elementary school: "For most teachers, they are there for the kids," she says. "They can find some other way to express their anger and frustration other than doing that. We've always felt activities like this are unprofessional. What this guy wants is for the school board to take notice of them. Well, we have to find a way to engage them better  -- and the biggest action you can take is show up at the polls on May 12, when the school board elections take place."

3700 Ross isn't publicly commenting on what may or may not happen tomorrow. But, of course, there are contingency plans in place should a mysterious flu hit the ranks tomorrow.

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As the job market improves we will see the real consequences of this silent, un-explained, 45-minute-a-day-insult to teachers.  It was given with little documented, consistent, and broadly visible public justification.  While this is the situation in Dallas, there are many other school districts throughout Texas that will face the same situation, loosing teachers as the economy recovers.

In Finland they reject 90% of the applicants wanting to become teachers. That is how popular being a teacher is in a nation with some of the highest achieving students on earth. Will teaching ever be that popular in Texas? 

DISD Teacher
DISD Teacher

NO one at my campus has expressed any intent to be out of Feb. 29th.

No one is happy about the actual purpose of the extra 45 minutes, but I don't personally know any teachers who will take it out on the kids.All campuses are supposed to figure out how teachers should spend the extra time on campus--WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPEND IT GRADING OR PLANNING LESSONS.We have been told that "time working in your room on grades or lessons" has not been approved by the district.  The purpose is just to punish teachers for having the nerve to try to teach in a challenging urban district where trustees like Morath blame the teachers instead of the corruption, nepotism, waste, fraud.Don't parents want teachers to spend more time planning lessons?Don't parents want teachers grading papers so they can see who gets the concept taught and who doesn't?This isn't about what's best for kids and I'm pretty sure the idea didn't come from Edwin Flores (although he did shoot his rude mouth off about it, which led to his public shaming).

I bet 95% of the teachers at my school will be there tomorrow, doing what we do every day:  teaching in a district where the teachers get blamed for everything.

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

You gotta love Alliance.  A union against organized activity.  Why did I spend all those years paying dues again?

DISD Teacher
DISD Teacher

Rena Honea is one of the kindest people I have ever met.Every phone call I have made to Alliance to tell them that my kids were freezing or broiling or doing without toilet paper has been answered and dealt with.

Sure, they aren't perfect, but at least they try.

East Dallas Dad
East Dallas Dad

You mean a union that advises its members of the ramifications of participating in an illegal activity.

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