They Wanna Shoot the Ewings in Dallas County Buildings, But First Need Commissioners' OK

TNT/Warner Horizon
Larry Hagman and director Michael Robin on the set of Dallas
Twice in November the Dallas County Commissioners Court approved requests from reality-TV crews to film inside the county jail -- first from Brits bearing 3D cams, then from the National Geographic Channel. But tomorrow, Dallas comes to Dallas County: Per the commissioners court agenda Warner Horizon Television, which is behind that next-gen Dallas reboot set to bow on TNT this summer, is asking the county commissioners for their OK to shoot on county property. In return, Horizon will fork over a $25,000 security deposit and $1,000 for every day camera roll and cast John Wiley Price as J.R.'s long-lost son. Or, perhaps, not.

As you may recall, the city council OK'd spending $235,000 last summer to finish out Jack Matthews's South Lamar warehouse; council was told Horizon would go elsewhere without a proper facility. Principal photography began in October, with the expectation that they'd be here till "the end of January." Per the contract, Horizon wants to shoot on county property early this month. And where? "Locations could potentially include unoccupied jails, court space, and general office buildings." Too bad they weren't here June 27.

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mark zero (Jason)
mark zero (Jason)

Unoccupied jails? Did I miss something, and they're not overcrowded any more?


What fund did city take money , to finish out a privately owned warehouse to be used for a for profit business.What did or would the city gain from this investment.


So how much equity in the show is Warner Horizon comfortable giving out?

Because that amount of equity is not enough to get this done.


That sounds far too non-corrupt for DCCC tastes.

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