Mayor Mike's All Over C-SPAN2 Right Now

A Friend of Unfair Park gave me the heads-up: Tune into C-SPAN2 right now, where Mayor Mike Rawlings has the floor for the next several hours. Which is right: Per the agenda for the United States Conference of Mayors' 80th Winter Meeting, the Dallas mayor is leading the chitchat about "Job Creation and the Employability Crisis: Preparing the Future Workforce as a Competitive City Strategy," during which Labor Secretary Hilda Solis spoke about employing the kiddos.

Rawlings just wrapped his brief remarks about Dallas and the workforce and the future; he'll be running the show for the next four hours, give or take. He intro'd his remarks by saying, "I don't know anything about government. I've been in this job for six months. I was elected mayor in June, and I've been a business executive for three decades. ... Everybody brings different viewpoints to their jobs. I bring the viewpoint of knowing how to run a business. ... I'm fascinated [by] folks who talk publicly about this whole issue and they're either focused on workforce or they're focused on business. There seems to be this dichotomy in America who you're rooting for, which is ridiculous, because you gotta have both."

Watch now. Laurie Bouillion Larrea, president of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, just took the mic, who just said: "Dallas is on the grow."

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Tim Covington
Tim Covington

I've been hearing some interesting NPR reports covering the subject of training people for modern manufacturing jobs. It boils down to most manufacturers can not train people on the job any longer because the tolerances in the final products are to small. So, they are working with local educational institutions (community colleges, trade schools and high schools) to modify the school curriculums to turn out the workers they need. As it is now, a well trained CNC machinist can go almost anywhere and get a job that pays well.


He's been in this job for six months and he hasn't created any jobs! He's a Marxist!

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