Governor's Office Opts to Keep Selling Texas Using a Dallas Ad Agency. Just a Different One.

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Till this morning, I'd never seen this 2-year-old Dallas-n-Arlington ad made by Victory Park-based TM Advertising as part of its Texas Tourism package; never had reason. (The Arts District! Souffles! The Dallas Cowboys!) But this morning we get word: The Texas Governor's Office of Economic Development and Tourism has opted to switch agencies, handing the account to another Dallas-based company: Slingshot in the West End.

Says the announcement, the state opted to go with Slingshot after a two-month review, and while most of the work will be done here Slingshot will also open an Austin office. Per the release: "Slingshot will be responsible for promoting domestic and international travel to the State of Texas through an integrated campaign including broadcast, print, digital, social media and experiential events." To which Texas Tourism's director Julie Chase adds: "Slingshot's proposal included quality strategic thinking and creative ideas, a thorough media plan and understanding of emerging platforms to reach our wide variety of target audiences."

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They need to get rid of that tired ass Cowboy image at the beginning and that lame music. The Arts District portion is okay.......except they couldn't find any citizens to walk the streets. How much did Rise pay for that free ad? How much did this cost? Pitiful.

Hunny Bee
Hunny Bee

"I guess I'm in the minority though, as the majority of Texans keep electing fools like him. "

And there is the problem.  As difficult as it may be to swallow, many Texans do think like Perry.


There is nothing Slingshot can do to counteract the damage Rick Perry has done to our state's reputation during his failed Presidential run. Will someone please STOP HIM from speaking publicly! I've lived in this state my whole life and never met anyone as ridiculously cartoonish, over the top "Texan", blatantly hypocritical and ignorant than this man. I guess I'm in the minority though, as the majority of Texans keep electing fools like him.

I look forward to the new creative use of longhorn imagery and cowboy hats.

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