City Hall's City Store Remains a Good Deal, Especially If You're in a Band, Let's Say

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From time to time the city will post to Lone Star Auctioneers some of the finer offerings being sold out of the City Store, where there's always a bargain to be had. This week, I see, Richard Matthews is making available, among other curious (four "SelfCheck Checkout Stations"), an assortment of items of interest for musicians -- chief among them the functioning-normally Kustom 72 Coupe Hardtop Amplifier you see here, currently sitting at $20 with a week to go. And from what I can tell, that's pennies on the pennies on the pennies on the dollar. "A robust, ballsy signal," says Guitar Center.


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Why in carnation do they use a limited exposure auctioneer for small fare like this instead of just submitting it to ebay with a reserve?

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

I've been told repeatedly that municipalties and gov't agencies have to use this auctioneer. I am not sure why, but there are some things the city has that could bring in a fortune if they used, say, Heritage. I'll look into it more tomorrow.

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