Better Late Than Never (?), Dallas ISD Board Set to Vote on Profile of a Super Superintendent

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Never gets old
There's every chance today's meeting of the Dallas Independent School District's board of trustees could last till the wee small hours of tomorrow morning. Because in addition to all the previously mentioned public hearings and hot-button items scheduled for today -- everything from school consolidations to longer workday hours for teachers to the official release of the TEA's performance report as required by state law -- there's been a last-minute addition to the to-do list. Which is: "Consider and Take Possible Action to Approve Superintendent Position Profile."

That called board meeting's scheduled to go down at 4; we'll watch because you won't. I asked DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander if he could pass along any advance materials prepped for today's meeting; he says there's no draft yet and that it may be handed out at today's last-minute meeting. He does note, however, that the board will receive a Skyped presentation from a rep from PROACT, the search firm hired to find a super super.

Ah, this just in -- some advance footage from today's meeting.

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I'll just say it.  These guys are idiots.  Shouldn't the Position Profile have been the very first thing they did when the search began?  Of course, maybe it hasn't.  How do you hire a search firm and not tell them exactly what you want?  I may be overreacting, but GD, how do any of these people hold a real job?  

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