Park and Rec Posts New Pics of That Katy Trail Extension (The New Northaven Trail Too)

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In case you wondering about this, says the city: "The trail will continue east next to the ONCOR substation."
Not sure I knew there was going to be a "Northaven Trail" till I drove past the under-construction path beneath the power lines on St. Michaels a few weeks ago. Very nice. Need proof? The City of Dallas Hike & Bike Trails just posted a mini-photo album featuring 13 look-sees at the trail that, says here, will "link White Rock Creek Greenbelt, Royal Park and the Elm Fork Greenbelt."

And while we're on the subject: Park and Rec's also posted its latest looks at Phase III of the Katy Trail Extension. They're here and look especially fun if you like hiking and biking very close to DART train tracks, and I do.

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I've been watching the construction along skillman for a while. Haven't had a chance to ride on it, but it will be great when it's all connected. 

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