No Pony for Christmas? Then How 'Bout a Fort Worth Cattle-Drivin' Quarter Horse?

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From the Stockyards to your back yard? A steal at under $1,000 ... so far.
Saw a story in The Wall Street Journal this morning concerning something we've written about a couple of times in recent months -- how the drought's causing donkey owners 'round these parts to cut 'em loose, creating what Dallas County Sheriff's Department Senior Sergeant Patrick Bonner refers to in today's paper as an "epidemic ... donkey problem." Same goes for horses, which is why Dallas County stopped putting its livestock up for grabs on Lone Star Auctioneers. No one's buying.

I went over to the auction site to see if that's still the case, and that's where I noticed that the Fort Worth Convention and Visitor Bureau is auctioning off a close to 11-year-old Quarter Horse named McCoy, who's no slouch. Says the gelding's got potential as a trail horse, given the fact he's spent the last year as part of the Fort Worth Herd that runs through the Stockyards twice daily, "which entails roping, sorting, popping a bullwhip from horseback, working pen gates, riding around heavy traffic and motorcycles, around concerts and parades." Left messages for the FWCVB. Auction closes January 4. So far there have been two bids, and neither has rung the reserve bell.

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Let's hope he finds a home and doesn't wind up on a slaughter truck to Nebraska or worse, Canada.


"Epidemic Donkey Problem" and no Band Name Alert?

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Somethings wrong with the description of the horsey Bob, I don't know anyone that rides a horse that young..might saddlebreak them, teach em to lead/load up ..stuff like that, but you wouldn't usually ride them before the age of two.

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

It's because, once again, I am less than good at my job and mistakenly left off the zero. The item's been amended. DOB: April 2001.

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