New Owners of Davy Crockett Are Cleaning Up the Historic School. But Then What?

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Davy Crockett already looks better now than it did two years ago.
Speaking of historic buildings ....

A few days ago a friend of the show sent word that she'd seen workmen inside 108-year-old David Crockett Elementary, which had fallen into a state of grave disrepair in recent years. I reminded her: Back in August, Good Signature Management bought the building from the Dallas Independent School District at the low, low price of $239,000. Though at the time, we weren't sure what Ken Good planned to do with the building. Messages were left but never returned.

Since then I've heard the redo might involve turning Crockett into a charter school ... or something else. It would appear even the new owner isn't exactly sure what the building will become: On Tuesday Jim Anderson, repping Good Signature's newly formed David Crockett Building LLC, will go before the Landmark Commission to ask for a 10-year historic tax exemption worth around $40,000 to rehab the property, a process expected to run around $200,000 and take around a year. It'll involve everything from yanking out the asbestos to power-washing the exterior to re-black-topping the parking lot to replacing the window wells.

But then, what next? The application offers two possibilities under the "proposed use" heading: "mixed use or school." City officials say that's all they know as well. Again, messages have been left for Good and Anderson. Guess we'll see what more they can say Tuesday.

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Grumpy Demo
Grumpy Demo

$200K on rehab, not barley enough like putting a bandaid on a compound fracture. Sounds like the owner doesn't know what they're doing, naive or stupid?

Has there been any remediation of the lead paint and asbestos?Can't get a certificated of occupancy until then.

Best use right now would be residential assuming people would want to live in the neighborhood.


I used to office there. It's a great building with many possibilities.

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