In the Midst of Wrapping Starck Club Doc, Cain and McKinnon Fit in Stanley Marcus Film

Michael Cain says he's this close to wrapping his long-in-the-works Starck Club documentary -- by February, fingers crossed. Just last night, the founder of the Deep Ellum-turned-AFI-turned-Dallas International Film Festival dispatched this teasing look by way of a holiday greeting. But as I got to sniffing around the other M3 offerings -- M3 being the name of Cain and wife Melina McKinnon's production company -- I espied the local-star-studded trailer you see above for an in-the-works film about Stanley Marcus, the Neiman Marcus namesake who not long ago was the subject of this similarly titled tome. I asked Cain about it.

Wrote he in response, "The Stanley Marcus is a project that Melina and I are producing, which is the first in a series of feature documentaries on Texas icons. We are allowing the subjects and interviewees to nominate the next subject. Amazing list. The project is through the Filmanthropy Fund housed at the Dallas Foundation. We've already begun interviews, and it should take six months or longer to complete. Can't rush Mr. Stanley."

There's more here, where it looks like the second offering in the series will be a film about a man who wrote a few, Horton Foote. As for the Marcus doc: "This moving portrait of the man behind 'the store' will reveal the glamorous and dramatic relationship between Stanley Marcus his beloved Dallas and the world."

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Mr. Stanley like Steve Jobs was a unique 'one in a million' character and a retail genius. At a dinner given in his honor, I sat next to him and had a great conversation about everything from his encounters with Coco Chanel(a hilarious, catty observation of Chanel) to retailing in today's market. Guys who run retail today are schmos selling schmatas compared to Mr. Stanley.What a guy. Merry Christmas!


I think that was the point...can't wait to find out more!


Somebody forgot the subtitles on that Starck clip.

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