For Your Tuesday Eve Listening Pleasure: My Morning Jacket, Last Week in Grand Prairie

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Photo by Mike Brooks
Been waiting all day for a call-back for an item I'll post in the morning, regardless. So while we keep waiting, here's this ultimate time-kill: My Morning Jacket taped last week at the Verizon Theatre. First MMJ show I've missed in a long while; those '02 shows really did me in. The review made me wish I'd been there; the recording gets me closer than not being there at all. Reviews for the recording, incidentally, are quite kind. Turn it up and lay low.

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jon from tjs
jon from tjs

If you have been seeing MMJ since 02, you didn't miss much.  Not that it was bad, but the show had the same highlights you've gotten at MMJ shows for years, a lifeless crowd in a lifeless venue plagued with sound problems...and oh yeah it started at 8pm so most people missed 4-5 songs.  the new album stuff was good (black metal specifically).  more power to MMJ - they are in that phase of their career where they can play the same show and more and more people keep paying more and more to see them.  it was kind of like a less good version of the last palladium show in a crappier venue without Badu.

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

Sounds like they shoulda played ... the Music Hall at Fair Park.


that Wilco show was sublime, and the venue both inside and out is as beautiful if not more so than anything in the new arts district. Looking for ward to "somebody" putting on more shows there. Viva Fair Park !!!

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