As Council Prepares to Vote on Sylvan Thirty Plan, Bike Lanes Proposed Along Sylvan Ave.

Click to expand for a better look at what may land at Sylvan and Fort Worth Ave. One day.
Last I looked, Sylvan Thirty -- the proposed mixed-use development across the street from the Belmont -- was closer to conceptual than actual. As in: Short a few million, developer Brent Jackson more than likely will have to partner with the city to actually get the thing built, as we explained a few weeks back. Nevertheless, after much hand-wringing before the rezoning hearing in front of the City Plan Commission last month, Sylvan Thirty's going before the city council next Wednesday, as you'll see on the other side, where I've stashed 88 pages' worth of docs sent to the council, which I'm sure will read every word. In case not, long story short:
New development should support future light rail along the northern edge of the subdistrict. Preserving historic buildings through adaptive re-use is a priority. This subdistrict will be the most densely developed urban subdistrict due to its proximity to the Trinity River and downtown. The mix of uses should lean more towards commercial, although residential development is essential to the success of the mixed uses. Buildings should front the street with broad sidewalks. Street trees should line the street edge. On-street parking should be parallel parking along West Commerce Street and Fort Worth Avenue. Off-street parking should be provided behind buildings or in parking structures and shared between adjacent lots. This subdistrict should have an overall urban feel, but still provide pedestrian amenities.
So happens, though, the day after council takes up the subject, there will be yet another public hearing -- this one at Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary School on Winnetka. The reason? To be discussed: plans to significantly alter Sylvan Avenue between IH-30 and Singleton. More specifically:
This proposed street design approach places emphasis on establishing a design that balances vehicle movement while incorporating amenities that accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and public transit users and are consistent with the vision of the community. The proposed amendment includes reducing the designated number of travel lanes from six to four and adding bicycle lanes along the corridor.
Calls are out. z101 12-14-11

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Agreed on repairing that stretch of road: it's like driving on the Moon. Love the idea of adding bike lanes/pedestrian walkways along this stretch, although I hope that they eventually plan to stretch it past 30 on up to Colorado and beyond (Tyler). I drive through there every day to and from home, and while there is some traffic, Sylvan doesn't need three lanes each way. It's an invitation to haul ass. Knock off one lane on either side and slightly widen the two remaining lanes. I'd love to cycle through there on the way down to the Belmont (or the future Sylvan/30), but with the blind curves coupled with speeding cars? No freakin' way. Same goes for a lot of our big boulevard-type streets (Polk/Tyler/Zang): there are more lanes than necessary for the traffic that runs on them.


On Sylvan between Ft. Worth Ave and Singleton: That stretch is a fucking shithole. At least it was, I have purposely avoided that thoroughfare for the last 2 years because you can't drive in any lane without hitting pothole after pothole on either side of the train trestle. As they near completion of Large Marge, they've already completed where Beckley/Canada entrances will feed onto it, but the bridge does not yet meet the newly poured concrete ramp.

The stretch of Singleton between Beckley/Canada and Sylvan is complete. Very nicely paved, two lanes either side.

They REALLY need to address the stretch of Sylvan between Singleton and Ft. Worth Ave before Large Marge is ready.

FWIW, there is a fantastic view of the Dallas skyline in the evenings from that ramp. Was pretty cool this morning too, with all the fog.


Are we talking tax abatements or hard dollars?

Thelisma Partridge
Thelisma Partridge

That stretch is going to become a major side road when Large Marge opens and tens of thousands of cars take that route from Woodall Rogers to I-30 West to avoid the clusterfuck that is taking Woodall to I-35 and attempting to cross all lanes of I-35 to get to the I-30 West exit.  IMO three lanes isn't going to be enough to handle the load, and you still have the "funnel" at the railroad underpass...


all the more reason to decrease the number of lanes and make that detour less appealing to drivers trying to cut across town

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