Alex Cox Would Prefer You See Movies at the Texas Theatre, Not on the Internet. So, Go.

Alex Cox's nutty, brilliant, baffling, beguiling, weird, wild, wonderful Walker's at the Texas Theatre tonight, following a 35mm screening of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; a good day for a double feature, no doubt. Cox, maker of Sid and Nancy and Repo Man, has actually been 'round town this weekend for screenings of his movies at the Oak Cliff re-institution. And whilst at the cinema, he, like Harry Shearer before him, cut a promo for the revival house-art house quickly climbing the list of Best Things About Dallas. When you go, ask the fellas when the keychains are coming in; they look quite nice.

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Sid and Nancy and Repo Man? My kinda Hero.


The guys running the Texas Theater are doing an awesome job.

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