A Lost Single About the "East Side of Dallas," Recorded by Buddy Holly's First Collaborator

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It took a couple of days to nail down, detective work in fits and starts with little to go on save for a blurry photo of an old label stumbled across on eBay. Not sure why exactly, but I got hooked on the hook. The title too: "East Side of Dallas," by Jack Neal. When I called him this afternoon, Casey Monahan, director of the Texas Music Office, got it right off: "Jack Neal? Ram Records? Out of Lubbock? He played with Buddy Holly!" Why, yes, yes he did: Neal, born in Fort Worth in 1934 and seen here with a young Buddy, was Holly's first collaborator, back in '53.

"We had a radio show on KDAV Sundays," Neal says from his West Texas home. They were known, naturally, as Buddy and Jack. Neal says his family moved to Lubbock in '42; he'd leave a few times, but always find his way back. Neal still performs around Lubbock; says he's in the studio at this very moment finishing a CD he's hoping to get in time for Christmas.

Neals told me he cut "East Side of Dallas" in 1975 in Carlsbad for Ram, a legendary label out that way. They didn't press many copies, though, maybe a few dozen, if that. He's got one; far as he knew till I bugged him this afternoon, it was the only one left.

"It was just a thing," he says when asked about the title. "Somebody would say, 'Where'd you hear that?' And I'd say, 'On the east side of Dallas.' So I thought I'd just do a song called 'East Side of Dallas.' I never was in Dallas that much, but that's how it came about. It was just an old sayin'." I told him it's going for $20 on eBay. Didn't sound like he believed me.

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I would like to know the session musicians.


looks like that was the 'B' side. sometimes the 'B' side was better than the 'A' side.trying to figure out how to flip over a download.


He means "The Best Side of Dallas"! 

The Rats were mostly from the 30s and 40s but yes we did have a few Wildcats trying to carry on the Rats tradition in the 70s.


Probably a favorite of The Lakewood Rats (and I don't mean the current music group).

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