Wasn't the First Time Tom Leppert Was Wrong

From video by Jeremy McKane
Something about the Omni ribbon-cutting photo below, featuring Larry Hagman and Linda Gray and Not-Mayor Tom, gnawed at Friend of Unfair Park Ed D. all weekend. Then, last night, it hit him: In October 2010, at the topping-out ceremony for The People's Hotel, Leppert said: "The bottom line is, this isn't the Dallas of J.R. anymore." Except, well, you know ...

Above is a screen grab from freshly minted short film of Friday's gala grand opening. It was shot by photographer Jeremy McKane, whose work is among the framed items featured in the hotel -- otherwise known, he says, as "North Texas's Largest Commercial Art Gallery." The full video follows.

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Just because people remember it does not mean it is something worth continuing.  Has anyone actually watched any of those shows lately?  It's like watching Charlie's Angels or Fantasy Island.  Those shows did not wear well in comparison to something like Rockford Files.

Do not blame Laura Miller.  She had the good sense to not get invited herself, to not invite Mr. Hagman and Ms. Gray, and not get yourself in a picture next to the big hat.

Glenn Hunter
Glenn Hunter

It wasn't just Leppert. As I recall Laura Miller, Jones and the DCVB, the Richards Group, etc. pushed this idea big-time that Dallas had to flee the image of the "Dallas" TV show. Even though that's how many Europeans and others continued to recognize Dallas, and fondly, well into the 2000s.

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