Virtually Tour the New Adamson High School

Wasn't that long ago the Dallas Independent School District was fighting to keep W.H. Adamson High School off the city's list of historically designated landmarks in order to raze the old Oak Cliff High School, part of the '08 bond program. But in December the district backed off, and in June the council granted the structure landmark status. All of which leads me to this: Yesterday this virtual fly-though of the "new" Adamson was posted to YouTube. And if I were in high school in the DISD, I'd want to go to there.

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wow incredible... when i went to Adamson it was stinky especially the bathrooms lol this looks very nice a little too nice for Oak Cliff....

Roman Ross
Roman Ross

As one of the first Black students to graduate from W. H. Adamson I am proud that the school is finally being updated.  Maybe the "white flight" that occured in the late 60's and early 70's can be reversed and we can all get along in this great new structure.


Curious to know how much that not very informative animation cost? 

Travis Rex
Travis Rex can only hope.  Adamson was my home school and I avoided it like the plague.  After attending Stockard Middle School, I felt safer in the 90% black student population at the Business & Management Center...Class of 89! makes me feel like one old cracker!! LOL

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