Sierra Missed: Three Former Texas Rangers Are Now on the Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

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Juan Gonzalez and Rafael Palmeiro made their debuts on the Baseball Writers' Association of America's 2011 Hall of Fame ballot -- and didn't even come close to finishing near the Top 10 vote-getters. Raffy, poor Raffy, came closest with 64 votes; Juando trailed just behind Palmeiro with 30, two ahead of Harold Baines. But those were good enough for 15th and 16th, respectively, as Roberto Alomar (with 523 votes) and Bert Blyleven (463) crossed home plate standing. But Gonzalez and Palmeiro aren't done yet: Their 2011 talllies were good enough to qualify 'em for this year's go-round.

And they're joined by one of my favorite Rangers of all time: Ruben Sierra, who makes his debut on the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot alongside the likes of Bernie Williams, Bill Mueller, Terry Mulholland, Tim Salmon and a bunch of other guys who ain't gettin' in their first swims through baseball immortality. As Deadspin notes, the whole heads-up from the Hall and the BBWAA reads like one long shrug. Here's all the space Ruben gets:
Outfielder Ruben Sierra led the AL in RBI with 109 in 1989 with the Texas Rangers when he ran second to the Milwaukee Brewers' Robin Yount for the AL Most Valuable Player Award. Sierra drove in 1,322 runs over a 20-season career with nine clubs.
Last time I saw Sierra was at the Ballpark on September 25, when the Rangers closed out the regular season against Seattle. He was out in the walkway, signing balls and whanots if you bought a memory card. Almost bought one. Almost.

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Juando was the Man. Growing up in that era of the late 80's, early 90's watching Raffy, Juando and Ruben in the line up was awesome.  It would be as great as seeing Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz all enter together. Unfortunately, Raffy is screwed due to his exposure to the Roids in Baseball scandal. Homeruns attract fans and if roids has a detrimental effect on your livelyhood after baseball, since when did MLB care about you when you leave the game?  

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Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Back in the late 80's, I had a buddy that lived at the apartments next to the stadium.  On gamedays around 4pm or so, Sierra used to pick up a very young, skinny Juan in his bright red Ferrari testarossa blasting salsa music the whole way...good times. 


my favorite all-star turned cancun lobsterman, turned comeback player of the year. el caballo is greatness. 


"2012 Hall of Game ballot "


What exactly is the Hall of Game ballot?


You posted the story just to use Sierra Missed, didn't you?

Well played, sir.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Any plans on a post or two in the recently renovated place that must not be named because it has a name that begins with Sport?

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