Before Radiohead's Return in March, Revisiting Two Earlier Local Shows From 1998 and '08

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Photo by Michael Insuaste
Thom Yorke in Dallas, 2008
I see over on DC9 we've noted the latest bit of breaking Radiohead news: The band's coming back to town March 5, this time at the American Airlines Center. Tix go on sale Wednesday. Nick's got further details concerning the show, among the first announced on the forthcoming U.S. tour; long story short, no "hits" this go-round. Which reminds me:

I've had this sitting around since forever, a weekend-listening post never posted: Courtesy Radiohead Not For Profit, the band's last stop through town, at Starplex on May 18, 2008. (I wound up road-tripping to the Houston show the night before; seemed like something to do.) And for those with deeper memories, and a love for the lossless show: Radiohead's epic appearance at the Fair Park Music Hall, with Spiritualized, on March 29, 1998 -- historic, if only because it marked the first full-band performance of "Nude."

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I got the tracks from Youtube and that was fantastic.

Bad Guy Zero
Bad Guy Zero

Link to the 98show is a dead end. The torrent is no longer active on Zomb. I checked some other torrent sites and was unable to find it.

I did, however, find a lossless version of the 2008 show on DaD:


Music Hall performance in '98, epic indeed.

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