The Return of the Lively Lane Prowler, Who, Turns Out, May Be a Serial Burglar

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No doubt you recall the bald-headed, back-packing gent last seen peering into a Northwest Dallas home -- the so-called "Lively Lane Prowler," per Dallas PD's heads-up at the beginning of the month. Well, he's back in the sequel you see above, which was just dispatched by the police department:

Turns out, moments after the initial surveillance video was shot, the man went and burgled a neighbor's house. And now there's this: "a second home surveillance video of what is believed to be the same suspect committing a burglary in the 4200 block of Beechwood Lane on October 14, 2011 at about 4 a.m.," according to the DPD. The police report shows that on Friday night he got off with thousands in laptops, an iPad, a GPS device and two purses, found dumped and ditched in a nearby driveway.

And that may not be that: Detectives now say they believe this man may be responsible for "multiple burglary offenses in the Midway Road-Walnut Hill Lane area over the course of at least the last month." DPD says he's in his late 30s, probably, and about 5-foot-5 and 160 pounds. You know the guy, call Detective Strodtman at 214-670-6047.

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Christine Harris
Christine Harris

What additional evidence do authorities possess to link this man to the other crimes?Although the individual in the video appears to be the same person, detectivesand the media really should have more facts before building additional hype.


That dude just needs a PR person, a Guy Fawkes Mask, a Twitterface page for Occupy Preston Hollow and the police could not touch him. Throw in a poorly worded manifesto sent to the mayor and he would be set.


Eventually, he'll find himself on the wrong end of the Castle Law and that'll be that.

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