Once Again, H.L. Hunt's Mount Vernon Is On the Market (This Time, Apparently, For Real)

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In early April of last year, word went out that Realtor Allie Beth Allman was listing H.L. Hunt's sprawling 10-acre Mount Vernon estate overlooking White Rock Lake on Lawther for $32.5 million -- a steal! Then, not so much: Allman rescinded the listing, insisting that John and Teresa Amend weren't selling and that it was a "clerical error." Shame.

But moments ago, this press release appeared online touting the myriad reasons you should buy Mount Vernon, which, again, is being listed by Allman:
January, 1938, legendary oilman H.L. Hunt moved into the neoclassical Georgian home built in 1930. Additions during the six epochal decades of the Hunt family included air conditioning, one of Dallas' first residential swimming pools, pool house, tennis courts, guest house and garage. Ever the visionaries, the Hunts planted specimen live oak and pecan trees, that continue to provide grace and splendor to the property all these years later.

Current owners John and Teresa Amend began total and meticulous renovation of the main house and outbuildings in 2000, completing the extensive project in 2002. With the vision of creating an unmatched versatile site for entertaining on any scale, a new two story guest house and showroom garage were also built. And in 2004, a spectacular bowling center was added on the grounds.
Alas, the listing isn't on the website this go-round; the release says to call or email Allman directly. I've left messages, just to be safe.

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Georgian, Mt Vernon is a Virginian house!   (wink)


If you tear it down, think about the giant zero-lot-line house you could put on that motherfucker.


Hey RW - I am about 32.5 mil short, how bout a loan so I can buy it? I will pay you back when I can!!! Promise! 

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