"It's All Just One Big Happiness": Meet Ian Kinsler's Dad, Howard, Who Seems Awful Swell

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Those following along with our World Series open threads -- and, programming note, Sam's Game Six'er opens at around 6 -- know by now that my 8-year-old's favorite present-day Texas Ranger is Ian Kinsler, who he stuck with even during that awful 1-fer mid-summer slump. But after the jump, courtesy the Major League Baseball Players Association, meet Ian's biggest fan: his father, Howard, featured with his boy in yet another installment in that behind-the-scenes series that introduced us to Derek Holland's girlfriend and Mike Na-po-li!'s mom. Sent by a Friend of Unfair Park, who throws in this for the bonus sports cry.

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GO RANGERS!! Or, "My Beagle's getting fat and spoiled from Papa John's pizza crust after watching the games at home and being too cute for me to resist giving him the crust when he begs...and now I have to go back on Weight Watchers--Thanks Rangers!" AKA Fiona Apple's next album title.


Kins grew up around Tucson and played on a high school team with major leaguers Chris and Shelley Duncan, sons of Cardinal pitching coach Dave Duncan.

Here's a nice live shot:http://www.ksdk.com/weather/co...

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