From the Stoney Burns Archives, A Look at the Birth of Buddy Magazine

Courtesy George Gimarc
Buddy Holly as sketched by Stoney Burns
George Gimarc called the other day, said he'd just been rustling through stacks of paperwork left behind by Brent Stein -- better known as Stoney Burns, father of Dallas's underground press. Stein died in April, and in recent days those trusted to dispose of his estate have been offloading what remained. George -- once a new-music guru, now an old-history collector as part of his duties as Texas Musicians Museum's Advisory Board member -- was tickled by the find: "a little gem," he called it, "the conception of Buddy."

It's not much, not really -- just two pages taken from one of Stoney's journals. There's the drawing you see here, accompanied by a rough sketch of the logo, followed by a typewritten page in which he outlines the music magazine that would make its bow in the fall of 1972, following Stoney's days as editor and founder of Dallas Notes and The Iconoclast. In the piece that follows, he manages to say a lot in a short span as he explains the mag, its intentions, its look: "I don't know why I dig desingning [sic] or laying out a fucking publication but I sure do," he writes.

George writes: Sure, it's probably "not worth much of anything on the open market, but it's invaluable to the likes of us at the Texas Musicians Museum," where it will become part of a larger Stoney Burns display documenting his work and Dallas in the late '60s and early '70s. George, as always, was awful kind to share. Buddy

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Well this is the kind of an article I have been trying to locate,seems that a roof had fallen in on a warehouse in the Old East Dallas area off Swiss Ave near a large building called Allied Printing

And the contents in side of this building,bad roof and all  had been scoped out by a small bulldoze that is loading the contents of boxes paper,brick into the dumpster,... while falling out of the dumpster is the many things we should recall as Texas Dallas history by the hard copy is sad....

 There is a lot of it, stuff that has been hauled away. dating back too the 1890's it looks any one reading this. we are a throw away culture that has to have then discard.....and this has been going on over the past 3 weeks in October.....

WHY should I care, I was there from 1963 to 2012..when this Dallas theme has been a Unique event in my life.....and at times we have to say ok...that is who were are were and then...time to move on...SAD WE LOOSE THE ORIGINALS.....

Corey Michael Mayo
Corey Michael Mayo

I was lucky enough to write for Buddy for several years and seeing this was a hoot. Thanks to Robert and George.


back before the internet, way back before weekend guides, Buddy was pretty handy, with its extensive listings of club schedules and concerts. and look, one of Buddy's Texas Tornados in this here comment section.

Jim Suhler
Jim Suhler

Thanks for sharing this, Robert...and George.

Derrick White
Derrick White

"so, i was hanging out the other day and one of the brightest rock historians alive called and wanted to show me some doodles he found".  this is fantastic...  i used to tape his shows and study them.

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