For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Classic Rock, Covered in King Biscuit Flower Hour

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George Gimarc confirms what I thought I remembered: Early on the King Biscuit Flower Hour aired on KZEW, before, some time in the early '80s, it jumped over to Q102. Makes sense: Blondie's 1979 KBFH appearance, recorded at the original Palladium, and mid-'70s Clapton, with Freddie King at the Dallas Convention Center, were perfect fits for the The Zoo; while, say, Joe Walsh's July 1981 Reunion Arena show was way more Redbeard.

Anyway. Before Sam rolls in with the final preview-slash-open thread of the post-season, win or lose, thought it a good time to unload some of what's been clogging up the desktop since forever: for better or worse, a few tokes of FM-broadcast classic rock sent to deejays on vinyl. As in: For 23 minutes in 1982, I liked Loverboy, who did their KBFH from Reunion that year; "Lady Of The '80s" holds up ... with a cane. Never did get Quarterflash, live from The Agora; nor solo Robert Plant, also at Reunion (The Summit and Erwin Center too) in '83.

Among the better, if not best: Foreigner's KBFH appearance recorded at Reunion in 1981, a stout best-of that reminds: Not so bad, buddy, especially "Long, Long Way From Home" and "Blue Morning, Blue Day." True story: My attending this concert actually killed a friendship with a junior-high classmate who only listened to early-days Kinks. Which I completely get now; then, not so much.

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Oh How I remember the Zoo .... of course the "in" joke was that the counterculture radio station was part of the WFAA empire ...

Thanks for the reminder

Diane Birdwell
Diane Birdwell

Thanks! I have never seen so many local 1970-80's references in one short piece!! Finally, something that isn't about freaking Deep Ellum in the 90's.

Several people referenced Mother Blues not too long ago.... whatever happened to places like that for us oldsters?

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