Turns Out They Can't Demolish the Joe Ratcliff Walkway This Weekend. "Safety" Issues.

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This just in: They won't be taking down the Joe Ratcliff Pedestrian Walkway over LBJ Freeway this weekend after all. Not sure when it'll happen -- the release we just received says only "at a later date." So, not a full pardon, only a temporary reprieve from what was expected to be a godawful weekend of traffic on LBJ (well, more godawful than usual). To the release!
Options being evaluated this week by the project engineers prompted Trinity Infrastructure to seek alternate methods for the demolition to improve safety.

"Safety is our number one concern on this project," said Lara Kohl, public relations manager with Trinity Infrastructure. "Other methods for the demolition are being analyzed to improve the demolition process under the safest possible conditions for the traveling public and the crews."

"The Joe Ratcliff bridge is a unique structure, much different than a typical vehicle bridge," said Andy Rittler, public affairs director for LJB Infrastructure group, the developer of the project. "This bridge requires specialized demolition sequencing, so we want to be extra cautious to make sure we can take it down under the safest conditions."

Kohl said they still anticipate the bridge to be completed by January 2012.

Lanes along I-635 (LBJ) will operate as normal this weekend.
But: The other bridge demolitions scheduled this month and next are still on track.

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The whole situation is BS. One day before demo they decide to postpone? What kind of crap is that? This "private firm" working on this project is full of BS. In fact they want to destroy parts of the Marsh ln bridge and the Montfort dr bridge while keeping them partially open.

From this link:http://www.lbjexpress.com/eUpd...

"Other than temporary closures, the Montfort and Marsh bridges will remain open with reduced capacity throughout the fall while portions of the bridge are demolished and rebuilt. However, the Rosser Road bridge is scheduled to be completely closed for approximately 150 days for it to be rebuilt and reopened."

FUCK THAT! I'm NOT driving on any of those damned bridges while this "construction crew" "works" (partially destroys) on them. Remember the Minnesota bridge collapse. Well these guys are about to repeat history and then say "Oops" after the fact.

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

Maybe they realized they shouldn't be detonating stuff on 9/11.  I thought it was kinda weird to pick that date.

richard schumacher
richard schumacher

They discovered that they didn't know how to do it safely, the day before they were supposed to start?  That's scary. 


He just got an extension, of course you can't destroy his walkway!

Oh, it's not the Jay Ratliff Pedestrian Walkway?

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