"The FC Dallas Family is Shocked and Saddened By the Passing of Bobby Rhine."

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Those words come from Clark Hunt, who, on the soccer club's website, pays homage to the 35-year-old Dallas Burn first-round draft pick who would become as synonymous as soccer in Dallas as Kyle Rote Jr. and Kenny Cooper, junior and senior. Bobby Rhine played for the Burn, then FC Dallas, from '99 till 2008, when, during an injury time-out, he transitioned to the broadcast booth. That's his "debut" above -- and one small piece of proof that Rhine was as great off the field as on.

Rhine, who, with wife Beven, had two kids, died Monday night -- "of an apparent heart attack while vacationing with his family in Florida," according to ESPN. The club's still deciding how to honor Rhine this season; details on that are forthcoming, as it's still so early. Says Doug Quinn, president and CEO of FC Dallas, "Bobby was the voice and face of our club and always a very popular figure with our fans. Everyone connected with FC Dallas has been affected by this tragic news, and we wish to send our heartfelt condolences to Bobby's family." Absolutely.

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Very sad my thoughts go out to his family.


This is a sad loss for our soccer community and all Dallas sports fans.  Bobby's family will be in the thoughts of many.

Justin B.
Justin B.

Shockingly tragic news.  Though I never got the chance to meet him, Bobby seemed like the kind of guy who was never too busy to take a minute to chat with a fan.  He had a great attitude and will be sorely missed. 

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