Kevin Brings the Bacon to Booker T.

Dallas Independent School District
Got stuck watching Footloose the other night -- what, like you're one to judge? Well, it was right before the warehouse scene. Who'd miss that? OK, sure, I'd had a drink, maybe two. It was late. Anyway. Can't believe Craig Brewer's remade the thing, due October 14. Sacrilege! Turns out, he was offered a role in the film but turned it down: "It just wasn't that great a part," recaps Sophia Dembling over on The Mixmaster in her recap of his Nasher sitdown last night. "For me to be in the movie would be doing the movie a disservice. You'd be going along, getting into it, and then there I'd be."

Before Bacon's sculpture center chat, he stopped by Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, retracing Stephen Sondheim's footsteps. The DISD took a few photos from Bacon's visit; one more follows. Just one degree, Kimberly Kottwitz!

Kimberly Kottwitz was Bacon's student interrogator while theater teacher Karon Cogdill looked on, no doubt recalling this scene from Animal House

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