Get Stuck on HistoryPin and Add Your Historic Photos of Dallas (Stories Too) to Giant Map

Dallas Public Library
This one is captioned: "Motorcycle gang parked in front of the Rialto, 01 January 1958."
Longtime Friends of Unfair Park are well acquainted with my fetish for old photos of forgotten Dallas; so then, to HistoryPin we go, thanks to this morning's friendly suggestion from Friend of Unfair Park PeterK. And what is HistoryPin? In short, a giant map-slash-time line to which users virtually pin photos and recount the stories behind them.

Peter sends us directly to the stash of Dallas photos, much if not most of which come from the Dallas Public Library's invaluable Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, which has thousands of seldom-seen snapshots it one day hopes to digitize and make readily available. Perhaps this is the first step; it should be yours.

The South Dallas photos come from the extraordinary Marion Butts collection. There's also, among other attractions, an extraordinary series of downtown shots, most of which I've never seen, beginning in the late 1870s and ending in the early 1960s. More important, add your own photos and stories.

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