Craig James, Jerry LeVias Recruited to Help SMU Raise $3 Mil For Mustang Band Complex

For a split second in the second quarter, SMU was this close to tying up A&M, 20-20. Backup QB J.J. McDermott, subbed in after Kyle Padron tossed two picks in four pass attempts, had a man open with nothing but open field in front of him. But the pass sailed wide left, and in a blink it was 33-14; then, 46-14, game over. Hey, but at least the Mustang Band was solid. Always has been, always will be, even when the football team isn't exactly playing up to its -- or Mayor Mike's -- Big 12 aspirations.

Problem is, the band's facilities are sub-par -- so much so that the Hilltop has enlisted the likes of Craig James, Jerry LeVias and other notable alums to raise $3 million for an 11,000-square-foot facility the university hopes to build as part of that Residential Commons complex next to the Gerald J. Ford, which the school hopes to open in 2014. The plea, complete with great old photos and footage, is above.

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Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

And this is why SMU will always be the extension of the worst of Dallas high school mentality

just thinkin'
just thinkin'

Hope the band director assigns James' kids to "first chair" positions. Otherwise, he'll be out a job when Craig goes to the Chancellor.


If they lock James in an electrical closet I'll send $100

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