Not Sure if Mayor Has New Redistricting Map. We Do Know When Council Will Discuss 'Em.

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Wonder if Mayor Mike will keep Dwaine Caraway and Vonciel Jones Hill in the same district ...
Thanks to Anna's unswerving dedication to documenting the entirety of the redistricting process, I've become addicted to the proposed maps that may or may not decide council districts for the next decade. So too has Mayor Mike, who may turn in his own amended map tomorrow by 5, the deadline for council members to do so. Stay tuned.

But this is a definite: We've learned that the city council will indeed meet on September 24, a Saturday, from 3 to 6 p.m. in council chambers to discuss the maps -- those on file and those that may show up tomorrow evening. Anna suggests bringing a flask.

Paula Blackmon, the mayor's chief of staff, says the new map to which the mayor referred yesterday wouldn't be a wholesale do-over; there's simply not enough time for Rawlings, or his staff, to start from scratch. Blackmon does suggest, though, that if Rawlings were to submit a map by 5 tomorrow, it would more than likely be an amended version culled from at least one of the three finalists presented to the public at the City Hall hearing on August 20.

"We are investigating all options," Blackmon tells Unfair Park this afternoon. "A whole new map from scratch is not viable. We understand that. We're looking at the current proposals, looking at all the options. We are not starting from square one. The three finalists are the starting point of coming up with the changes."

We should know before 5 tomorrow if Rawlings will indeed turn in his homework. And while Blackmon won't commit, it sure sounds like he's hoping to propose a proposal. "I would think the public would want a mayor who said, 'Is this the best we can do?'" Blackmon tells us. "I think that's what he was elected to do."

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I wonder why north dallas voters, the DMN are concerned about District 8, Look closely and you will see it runs along the I-20 Corrider and has large acres of undeveloped land in fact the largest in the city of Dallas. On the other side of I-20 are other cities, Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster, Wilma, Hutchins, Balch Springs and Seagoville, and Mesquite. The representtative from this city is faced with interlocal negotiations, with the municipalities as well and the state and federal highways systems.  I advocated this configuration in 1991 and the Justice Department has precleared it for two decades. Now I agree where is the communities  of  interest with East Dallas in control of Love Field on the other side of town. and Bachman Lake with Kiest Meadows.   Look at the configurations in the current map and tell me why white is right.

Cliff Dweller
Cliff Dweller

I will agree that District 8 is far from the worst offender on my list.  I just listed the ones I suspect the mayor (and others) have in mind from their comments.

Cliff Dweller
Cliff Dweller

"Tightness"  I guess means compactness?  If that's the case the problematic districts are probably the bizarre sprawling shapes in the downtown area (2 and 14) and the south (3, 7, and 8). 

If that's the case, there are two constituencies who went a long way to getting him elected who are not going to be happy.  Dallas south of Loop 12 - which you might think of as "Dwaineland" and the crowd who strongly supported the current downtown configuration which doesn't coalesce around one person as much, but for convenience you might think of as "Neilland".

Will the mayor really get crosswise with them in order to do what he sees as the right thing?  This exercise could tell us a lot about our new mayor.


You are the first to mention that district 2 and 14 are a mess. Thank you


I know all the DO readers are supposed to find all kinds of fault with Rawlings, but I like what he's doing.  Forcing the council members to get on this and actually work to submit the best redistricting. 

And, I'm not buying that Map 16, which gerrymanders all over the place for the sake of protecting the incumbent city council. 

It's time we fix things for the better and stop pandering to these politicians.  It's our City, not theirs.

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