And Now, the Sylvan Thirty Town Hall

We're still a good month away from the Sylvan Thirty development coming before the City Plan Commission, since, as we noted last month, it was pushed back to the October 6 agenda following Belmont's owner Monte Alexander's letter to the city insisting that "more time is needed to evaluate the case." But between now and then, there's this: a Tuesday-night town hall at Salon Las Americas on Fort Worth Avenue, scheduled from 7 till 9. The city has nothing to do with it; instead it's a Fort Worth Avenue Development Group wingding being held "so our community may have a better understanding of the issues related to the Sylvan Thirty development and the impact on our neighborhood of the proposed zoning changes," per the invite I received.

The zoning issues we covered last month, and though there are said to be more recent submissions offered by Sylvan Thirty developer Brent Jackson, I can't find anyone who's actually seen them. Nevertheless, says Fort Worth Avenue Development Group president David Lyles, Tuesday night's meeting is intended to be "informative and educational" and nothing more. Which is why he's invited Brent Brown, head of CityDesign Studio; Keith Manoy, the city's head transpo planner; Andrew Howard, one of the Better Block-ers; and others to actually sit on a panel and discuss the impact of the development and a more general look-see at urban development.

Brown tells Unfair Park he hopes this won't be a "gripe session," because that's not what he signed up for. Lyles says that's not what he wants either: Sylvan Thirty, he says, has become "a divisive issue, and we're not trying to create any more divisiveness. We're trying to bring out some of the facts and state our concerns with Sylvan Thirty in a public forum and get everyone on the same page."

He says he's invited Jackson, but hasn't heard whether he'll attend. I left a message for Jackson and was told by someone in his office that "he's considering" the invitation at the moment.

At stake, of course, is whether Jackson can get the community and neighbors behind the development scheduled to take over the former Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts site at Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenue. The development falls within Special Purpose District 714, which, Lyles writes on the FWADG website, was passed by the city council in February 2005 to "in an effort to redefine the area and open the door for mixed-use development in a safe, pedestrian-friendly, and bike-friendly manner including residential, retail, office, and light industrial business applications."

Far as the group and the Belmont's Anderson are concerned, what they've seen of Sylvan Thirty so far doesn't live up to those mandates.

"We would just like to see the process move forward," Lyles says, insisting that the plans they've seen so far for Sylvan Thirty "don't recognize the vision and spirit of the PD. So it's very difficult for us to write [Jackson] any letter of support when he's basically challenging everything about the PD. ... There are no pedestrian amenities and walkable streets and primary facades facing the street; it needs to be a much more multimodal experience than it is now. That's what the PD's intended vision was and what it was intended to enforce, and we feel why create something of this nature if you have no intention of enforcing it?"

Yeah. So that's Tuesday night. So, see you at Smoke at 6, right? Drinks are on you.

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Will it come out that Monte Anderson has borrowed money from Brent and hasn't paid it back.....

Pay to play!


We've posted an update on the I Heart Sylvan|Thirty blog to clear some things up about tonight's meeting, including that we were not actually invited to participate and that we have been told that we have no active role in the meeting.


Minyard's Platinum Shopper
Minyard's Platinum Shopper

It'd be real cool if these guys run off these and potential future developers and keep this a dirt lot for the next 10 years.

And with all due respect, is Monte now the czar of oc aesthetics?

Oak Cliff Townie
Oak Cliff Townie 1 Like

All Hat and no Cattle ?

I guess folks are starting to wonder ?

The neighborhood Wal Mart at Colorado & Ft Worth Ave shocker that is replacing the PIPE DREAM that vanished  and the infection that is spreading out ward from the Cliff Manor sure shows how well this group is informed and connected to what is happening within the mover and shaker crowd of the city establishment .

If this is what we in the area can expect from the FWADG Please go help someone else.

Kessler Parkie
Kessler Parkie

According to the Oak Cliff Advocate on Thursday: "When we asked whether Sylvan | Thirty developers were invited to the meeting, Lyles told us, “not explicitly, but I believe they’re all aware. … We would appreciate for them to be there.”

So, they've planned a "town hall" to talk about Sylvan|Thirty, but they haven't explicitly invited the people they're going to be talking about to respond to questions or defend themselves...doesn't sound very legitimate to me.

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

I spoke with Jackson last night, and he says he's aware of the event -- and that, yes, he was asked to attend. But he's not sure if he will be there. He will let me know beforehand, and I will update accordingly.


Can't wait to see Monty Anderson try to kill this deal since (a) he's bankrupt, (b) owes Brent Jackson money, (c) secretly represents an adjoining landowner who wants Brent Jackson to build him a road, and (c) tried to steal Cox Farms,


Please show us your proof; I'm sure the Observer would be interested in such a story, should it be true.

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