Your First Look at Those Proposed Interpretive Signs of the Times Meant for Fair Park

Early last month, Leslie dropped by the Landmark Commission's Fair Park Task Force meeting during which Friends of Fair Park President Craig Holcomb introduced us to the cell-phone tour signs that'll be planted around Fair Park -- 60 of 'em, looks like. That's from the Landmark Commission's agenda for today's 1 p.m. meeting, during which the commission will sign off on the cell-phone tour guides like the one you see here. But the signs, which use QR code, are, for now, on a limited-time-only basis, per the agenda:
The timeframe will enable Friends of Fair Park and the City to determine proper placement of signs, relevant number of signs, usage, success of the program, etc. If the program is successful and Friends of Fair Park plan on placing permanent signage, another Certificate of Appropriateness application will have to be submitted before December 31, 2012. Staff is also comfortable with the final layout/design being determined once installation has begun to allow flexibility to redesign if necessary.
You'll find the map of proposed placements on Page 13.

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