Through the End of July, Crime in Dallas Is Down in 2011. For the Most Part.

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Had the council not canceled all of its committee meetings through mid-September, at which point Mayor Mike Rawlings will reshuffle the deck chairs, yesterday would have been the first Public Safety Committee since June 20. I asked Dallas Police Department spokesman Senior Corporal Gerardo Monreal if he happened to have a copy of the year-to-date stats crime report that would have been presented. He tracked down a copy, which includes Sunday's four unrelated homicides (between 12:55 a.m. and 4 a.m.) and shows a small jump in homicides this year over last. When last we saw a crime report, on June 6, the number of homicides YTD was 63.

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Dallas Diner
Dallas Diner

I've had zero faith in Dallas P.D. property crime statistics ever since they charged the guy caught kicking in one of my neighbor's backdoor with vandalism instead of attempted burglary.  They charged his companion waiting in the car in the driveway with nothing.


Strange lack of suburban "I told ya so's" here.

Keep it real
Keep it real

Thats good for Dallas. This heatwave may even be too hot for criminals to work.

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