The Return of David Clyde, Ruben Sierra, Charlie Hough, Buddy Bell and Mickey Tettleton

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My 8-year-old has himself a new hobby: collecting baseball cards, which now involves semi-regular trips to Nick's, where, last week, they told him the signed Curtis Wilkerson he found in an old box of Topps commons was real, all right, and worth a good ... what ... 25 cents? Ah -- but what's it worth if he signs it twice?

Turns out, Wilkerson's among the dozens of former Rangers scheduled to show up at the Ballpark in Arlington this weekend, when Kenny Rogers is inducted into the ballclub's Hall of Fame during an on-the-field ceremony scheduled to begin broiling at 6:40 Saturday, pushing back Rangers-Indians to 7:15 p.m. But the tip o' the ceremonial cap in The Gambler's general direction is only one of a handful of events scheduled during the weekend.

There's a Friday-morning luncheon on tap (featuring Rogers, sure, but also Rusty Greer, Tom Grieve, Toby Harrah, Charlie Hough, Nolan Ryan, Ruben Sierra and Jim Sundberg), followed by a Saturday meet-and-greet at the Ballpark, during which some 60 ex-Rangers will sign autographs on the main concourse, between home plate and third base. But it's a short-lived reunion: The team sends word that they'll only be out there between 5 and 5:45 p.m. Why so short? Charlie Hough can only go 45 minutes between smokes, man. Jump for the whole list of scheduled attendees. It's worth it.
Gerald Alexander
Larry Hardy
Leon Roberts
Kevin Belcher
Toby Harrah*
Eddie Robinson
Buddy Bell*
Donald Harris
Kenny Rogers*
Rich Billings
Rick Henninger
Jeff Russell
Tommy Boggs
Dave Hostetler
Nolan Ryan*
Mark Brandenburg
Charlie Hough*
Aaron Sele
Dave Chalk
David Hulse
Scott Sheldon
Reggie Cleveland
Mike Jeffcoat
Ruben Sierra*
David Clyde
Jeff Kunkel
Mike Simms
Tim Crabtree
Frank Lucchesi
Dan Smith
Keith Creel
Joe Macko
Don Stanhouse
Danny Darwin
Pat Mahomes
Bill Stein
Odie Davis
Mark McLemore
Ken Suarez
Don Durham
Craig McMurtry
Jim Sundberg*
Dick Egan
Mike Munoz
Mickey Tettleton
Ted Ford
Jim Norris
Ellis Valentine
Jeff Frye
Claude Osteen
Todd Van Poppel
Tom Grieve*
Ken Pape
DeWayne Vaughn
Rusty Greer*
Mark Petkovsek
Duane Walker
Jose Guzman
Geno Petralli
Curtis Wilkerson
Rich Hand
Dave Roberts
Matt Williams

*Member, Texas Rangers Baseball Hall of Fame
List is subject to change

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Sean Elliotts's Dead Kidney
Sean Elliotts's Dead Kidney

The local media, if they had any sack, should boycott this event. Short of the boycott, Larry Rodriguez and Dave Mamelie (sp?) should handle all photography and questions for the Rogers media session. Rogers is a sorry fuck with his "I'm not talking until Texas media are gone" antics during the 2006-07 seasons.


I wonder how many of them I could get to sign my copy of "Seasons in Hell"?


So the guy that ends his tenure as a Rangers pitcher by punching out a cameraman actually gets inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame.  That tells me that after only a few short years, they're starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel.  Can it be long before Roger Moret and his catatonic state are invited?

By the way, the card picture above indicates that's Chuck Hough, but I'm convinced somebody photoshopped Fee Waybill into a Rangers jersey.


Better than anything in the Sportatorium today.


yay Geno Petralli!

no petey incaviglia though!

John on a Carphone
John on a Carphone

Pitching the only perfect game in Rangers history has to count for something, doesn't it?

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