Marvin Crenshaw, Dwaine Caraway and Sandra Crenshaw on the Fate of Dallas's Black Districts

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Anna's gotten to know the city awfully well in a very short amount of time -- that's what sitting through every single redistricting meeting will do to and for you. And she was there for four hours last night, even though she's got a cover story due, like, now. And she'll be there all day Saturday, during the public hearings at City Hall scheduled to start at 2 p.m. Me, I just catch up when I can -- and probably should be paying more attention given the various plans that seem hellbent on moving my neighborhood out of District 13.

But as Dwaine Caraway says in the clip above, the council will tweak the plan when it comes to the horseshoe after the August 23 meeting of the Redistricting Commission, its last. (If all things go according to plan.) We still have a long way to go, in other words; the fun's only begun. Which you'll note in the clip above from last night's meeting, in which several familiar faces -- Marvin Crenshaw (whose lawsuit with Roy Williams led to 14-1), Sandra Crenshaw and Caraway among them -- express their concerns about losing majority-black districts during this process. John Loza and Donna Halstead show up at the end, none too thrilled with where this discussion's going.

Update at 4:16 p.m.: Along with its invite to Saturday's public hearing, the city sends word that the three plans up for final review are now posted. They are: Plan 3, Plan 5 and Plan 16.

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J. Erik Jonsson
J. Erik Jonsson

How does plan 16 make any sense?  I really can't understand the lines on districts 2 and 14 in that one.


As a resident of the Cedars, it really disturbs me that we are thrown into a district that does not include the Central Business District or Deep Ellum. We have so much more in common with Deep Ellum than Carolyn Davis District. They rammed Cesar Chavez Blvd into our neighborhood, they could at least let us have a comment on it with our council person. Grand  should be our southern boundary of a downtown district. 

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