Why No Live Feed From Dallas City Hall?

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Leslie just got back from the first meeting of the city's gas drilling task force; her wrap-up's due shortly. But I tried tuning in earlier, thinking surely the city would live-stream this much-ballyhooed occasion. Instead I got to see Mike Rawlings conduct his first meeting as mayor (from June 27) and watch a Redistricting Commission re-run from June 30. Neither of which were terribly must-see. So I asked City Hall spokesman Frank Librio what gives. And he sent this reminder:
The video switcher is down due to a planned upgrade. The upgrade was timed to coincide with the Council recess. We plan to use a remote system to cover live broadcasts or to record meetings and play them back at a later time -- until the upgrade is complete.
Next Tuesday's task force meeting is a tour of drill sites; so that's not happening. But Librio says they hope to figure out some way of live-streaming the meetings that take place before the council returns to newly wired briefing room and chambers. And, he says, for those who are that interested, they will make an audio recording of today's meeting available tomorrow on the City Secretary's Office website.

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They're probably sweeping for FBI bugs... ;)


Downwinders live-blogged from the meeting today. You can find it on their group Facebook page. So far, city staff is relying on other city staff from Ft. Worth and Arlington. Not a good sign.

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