Dallas PD's Lineup Of Old Chief Photos

DPD Chief Claude Trammell
Speaking of old photos ...

Here's one more stroll down Amnesia Lane courtesy the Dallas Police Department. A month after posting its old-car collection to Facebook, the department's done uploaded a photo lineup of its chiefs, dating back to James Carter Arnold, who served as the chief in 1881. (Wonder if he liked his gig.) There's my man Jesse Curry, poor guy. And Terrell Bolton too, ugh. Billy Don Price looks like he should have been hosting a late-night talk show, and I bet Claude Trammell didn't take shit from no one (nope, he sure didn't). Incidentally, I'm now thinking about going with the Epps Knight.

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Chief Arnold might have regretted his gig, if that's what allowed him to befriend First Baptist pastor George Truett, with whom he went on a hunting trip.  Perhaps mistaking Arnold for a deer, Truett shot the chief, who bled to death.  Arnold's grave and huge marker is on the main drag of Greenwood Cemetery in the heart of Uptown.


I think your man Jesse Curry had a weekend place near Athens. One of my uncles did too and there were two small private lakes for fishing. The private roads were paved with old broken up pieces of clay pots.

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