With Familiar Name as Chief of Staff, Mike Rawlings Talks About Top of His To-Do List

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First off, to the Friend of Unfair Park who noted yesterday that Paula Blackmon would be named mayor-elect Mike Rawlings's chief of staff today, kudos. That's indeed correct, says City Hall: Former Mayor Tom Leppert's deputy chief of staff,  who took a gig as University of North Texas at Dallas's director of external relations, will indeed return to Marilla. Blackmon also worked on Rawlings's campaign -- and, before that, was Leppert's grassroots organizer.

Now then. Following Saturday's win Rawlings went on Inside Texas Politics Sunday morning to chat up Brad Watson and Gromer Jeffers about what's first on his to-do list, besides spent July getting up to speed before council returns from its summer vacation. Close to the tippy-top? You guessed it: the Dallas Independent School District.

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Didn't know that we had the best high school in the country? Seems as if he hasn't been very involved with or concerned about DISD schools. Must of sent his kids to private school.

Medrano would be great if she is the best person not just best Hispanic

DISD Teacher
DISD Teacher

Tawnell Hobbs has an excellent story over on the DMN DISD blog detailing the $57 MILLION dollars of waste over the last 4 years (Hinojosa and Edwin's shift).

Wasteful spending included meals and hotel stays....IN DALLAS.  For people who live IN DALLAS.

People will not want to move to Dallas if they know they will be heavily taxed to finance such waste.  The mayor realizes this.  The higher taxes needed impact businesses as well.

We need an FBI audit, criminal convictions, and a painful amount of accountability for the school board members who have stood by and watched our money being blown.

DISD students include some of the best and brightest kids around; they deserve better than this.

Grumpy Demo
Grumpy Demo

"Former Mayor Tom Leppert's deputy chief of staff"

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I tip my hat, . . .


Exactly what does the Mayor and City Council have to do with the DISD?

Enrique De La Fuente
Enrique De La Fuente

Legally nothing.  OTOH, the City cannot afford to sit with a thumb up its ass doing nothing about DISD.  Mayor and Council still have the power of "pulpit" to make a difference and shine more light on it. 

The City is damned if it tries to do something about DISD, and it is damned if it doesn't.  Wankers.

With that said, what about Schutze and the rave? 

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