Mavs, From The Finals to the Fontainebleau

Dallas, it would seem, has a new America's Team this morning, and so we'll get to the "news" in a moment. First, though, two Association videos -- sneak peeks at the "mini-movie" to come later this afternoon. On this side, Dirk Nowtizki, who "slew the fire-breathing demon of unfulfilled expectations"; on the other, Jason Kidd, "the calm, experienced Jason Kidd." Finally for both. At last. So, gentlemen, you just won the NBA title. What are you going to to do next? Go to LIV, of course, nicest nightclub in all of South Beach. Larry O'Brien needs to dance.

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Tom L (No, Not That L)
Tom L (No, Not That L)

I gotta admit, I hate the term, "America's Team". It's kind of insulting to all those other teams who are just as "American" as ours. And as a Dallasite I kinda sorta don't want to share. They're our team, mofos! There, I said it.

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