Josh Hamilton Hits Home Run on Letterman, Featuring a Cameo by Samuel L. Jackson

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Oh, right -- the Texas Rangers, now but half a game up on Seattle in the American League West after losing five straight and eight of their last 10, three of those to the New York Yankees, including yesterday's gut-punching 3-2 loss in 12. The local sports spotlight is all theirs now, and almost as if on cue, 24 hours after Your NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks had their shot on The Late Show with David Letterman Josh Hamilton slood into the guest's chair for a rather lengthy chitchat with the host, much of it an abbreviated version of how he became second.

That part doesn't make the excerpt above; you'll have to watch the entire episode. This one's heavy on the baseball, from Cliff Lee talk to a second segment during which Hamilton and Letterman go out into the street and take batting practice from .... Samuel L. Jackson, who did indeed read from the greatest not-for-children children's book ever. But for those so interested, on the other side is raw video of Letterman tossing to Hamilton -- and, sorry to spoil the magic, but it was taped several days ago.

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Oak Cliff Townie
Oak Cliff Townie

Hey Josh still in that  24 hour fish bowl ? Not one moment to your self that someone isn't watching you ?Still walking around with not a dollar  to spend ?

Not a hater.But dude quit lying to you self.You aren't doing because you are not allowed a chance to  to not because you don't want to!

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